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welcome to Golden Greek mods and atomizers line

Many companies search for a purpose when we were born with one: To change the vaping world for the better. It’s there in our atomizers mods and liquids, that started a revolution in the vaping market that reverberates to this day.

Because we, in Greece, believe the principles and the profit go hand by hand and they reinforce one another. And doing the right thing for our people, our customers, and our communities, is also the best thing for our e-cigarettes business.

Our passion is what drives us to do everything possible to expand the vaping culture. We do that by creating groundbreaking vaping innovations, by making our atomizers and mods more sustainably, by building a creative global team, and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

Explore our Professional electronic cigarette design services and partner with our great team. Your trust is what we value above everything else and is a reward for our work. To win this reward, we provide high-end vaping stuff and care about every customer.

We firmly believe that we possess the essential insights to successfully carry out the task of properly designing high-end e-cigarettes like mechanicals and electronics mods, feeding systems, MTL atomizers, DTL atomizers, RTA atomizers, RDA atomizers, RDTA atomizers, RDTA - SQUONKS atomizers, pods, cotton, wires, and more accessories for your vaping pleasure. This is accomplished mainly by using our efficient and advanced vaping inventions. Golden Greek always thinks outside of the box.

Golden Greek delivers high-caliber services to bring you top-notch vaping mods and atomizers. In addition, our talented and experienced professionals bolster our vaping constructions, based on our tested and proven techniques.

Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything Golden Greek by Imeo stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us.

Golden Greek L.T.D. is a Worldwide leading Vaping Company based in Greece, offering Professional Vaping Services since 2009.

GG atomizers and mods

The Professionals and Inventors of Modern Vaping

by Imeo

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To Philgood for his continuous support, by reviewing the best way the GG products. To Nudelholz for his wonderful pictures. To Gerhard Grozurek for his consistent support.


To the rest of the exceptional reviewers around like Qorax Stan, George Batareykin, VarosVapor, Scott, Dirk Oberhaus, Mike Godwin, Klaus Jedelsky, Nikos Babasidis, and many other English and non-English reviewers. To Gekka for his fantastic idea about Cybrillion and his awesome animations. To our sellers that do their best to provide quality services.

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The only way to predict the future is to invent it. And be sure that we always predict the future.

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