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We know how important for a company is to have a presence on social media because social media have become the most important space. These platforms are used for social networking but they are also a great way for us to connect with our people. We see that as an opportunity, not as more work.

The ability to create a real human connection between Golden Greek e-cigarettes and Golden Greek customers is one of the key benefits of social media. Social media are not just limited to introducing GG products, they are also platforms for making strong relationships with our beloved audience.

That's why we have a presence on most famous social media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, telegram and more. You can count on us that we will always be there for you, always on standby to help you with any vaping issue regarding your GG RTA atomizers, RDTA atomizers and mods. Because the after-sales service is more important than sales themselves for us. After-sales service adds value to our company and also adds value to our customers. After-sales service is our number one priority.

Golden Greek innovations company and Imeo really care about their customers. If you check our daily activity on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, you may understand how helpful we are and how much we care about our GG audience, our GG customers, our GG friends.

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