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Zirconium wire and Zr springs for springomizer, the worldwide first healthy wire by Golden Greek

If you haven't use zirconium wire yet, please do it as soon as possible. Golden Greek company represends you the Zirconium wire and the Zr springs for springomizer. Zirconium is the most healthy wire available because of its full bio-compatibility, it's hard, its oxides are not harmful, it has a very high melting point, it has suitable to vaping resistance, it's full compatible with TC mods because it's pure metal and not an alloy (alloys dont work well on TC), and it doesn't have any taste.

ps...... wires with taste are not bio-compatible. They leach out their ingredients into the liquid.

General information about Zr element:

Zirconium wire takes on the look of a silvery metal, as do most zirconium products. With a high melting point of 1855°C (3371°F), including all of it's other characteristics, zirconium wire is excellent for vaping. Zirconium wire is also finding many other uses as people are becoming more familiar with the product.

Zirconium Wire Applications:

Zirconium wire, along with other zirconium products, is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for use with almost all acids. Zirconium wire can also act as soldering wire for other zirconium materials and can be applied to springs, meshes, and electrodes. Zirconium wire also aids the elements used within the medical field, like in zirconium implants.

Its oxides are used for repairing human teeth.

Try the GG Zr wire from Imeothanasis for a healthy vaping experience.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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