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Tilemahos Armed RTA, the worldwide first atomizer with pins by Golden Greek

A new, improved Golden Greek Tilemahos atomizer with many functions. You can even rotate the shield to match the engravings of your mod!

The Tilemahos Armed atomizer is the new member of the Golden Greek atomizer's family by Imeo Thanasis.

This new atomizer can be operated without any tools, thanks to the zirconium springs.

The GG Tilemahos Armed comes with 3 positive poles (1.5 mm - 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm) that provide easy switching from MTL to DTL and vice versa.

The airflow is adjustable with an outer ring. The capacity of the container is 4 ml.

Features of the Tilemahos Armed vaporizer:

Metal construction that does not break in case of a fall

Removable air ring

Adjustable center pole for proper contact with all devices on the market

Two levels of liquid collector tank to prevent leakage from overflloding

Possibility of cleaning the collector tank without opening the atomizer

GG wings engraving

Ability to monitor the liquid level

Spitback protection

Possibility to use your own mouthpiece

Liquid channels 4mm in height

Easy to align engravings with your GG mod or air holes

Possibility to change the central air hole without draining the liquid or opening the atomizer in any sense. (Air ring air control still exists for minor adjustments). Thus, switching from DTL to MTL and vice versa becomes very easy

Ability to change the color of your atomizer very easily without dealing with liquid

Ability to make your own wire

Possibility to use a spring

Easy refilling with a larger hole than previous versions

The feed channels are lower for better and faster feed without opening the liquid control too much.

Even easier to handle air control.

You always know when the AD ring is in the open or closed position even when you are in the dark, so you can adjust it very easily

The wire retaining screws are not in the same line but at an angle so that it is easy for the user to make his own resistance

The body does not touch the base, so the vaporizer stays cooler

It can handle 100% VG liquid very effectively

Ability to remove the spit back protection

Tilemahos Armed specifications:

Height: 44mm

Diameter: 22mm

CE marking

The package includes:

1 x Tilemahos Armed atomizer with 3.5 mm positive pole and mouthpiece

1 x Positive pole 1.5mm

1 x Positive pole 2.5mm

1 x Helper 3mm (To make your resistance)

1 x Helper 4mm (For proper and easy deck assembly)

1 x zirconium spring (Springormizer mode) 0.35 mm

1 x o-ring set

1 x User Manual in 6 different languages


6 months warranty for the atomizer. The warranty does not cover the plastic tank, o-rings, springs, and user errors.


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