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Submarine GG bridge, liquid and air control

“Submarine” is the newest addition to the family of GG atomizers.

We introduce to you the GG Submarine, an atomizer for Boro tanks.

What are its capabilities? More than you have already tried.

GG Submarine bridge is made to give more freedom to the users. It offers air control via pins and also via an air ring on its bottom portion.

We have made improvements to your vaping habits, like the new liquid control that exists on our product.

Description of important parts/pieces of the GG Submarine Bridge:

Deck: It is made of sandblasted Stainless Steel for the best appearance inside and outside. It is square, so its much easier for you to place the coil since there is plenty of room to work with.

Chimney: It is made of sandblasted Stainless Steel for the best appearance inside and outside and it carries an internal cone to increase the throat hit and the flavor.

Air pins: Submarine gives you the ability to change the bottom air pins to adjust the incoming air. It's a technique that Golden Greek invented when Tilemahos Armed emerged and it doesn't require to empty the liquid from the tank or cause damage to the resistance. They are made of brass-gold plated for best conductivity and appearance.

The air pins have holes of the following diameters:

bottom air pins:

  • 1 mm

  • 1,2mm

  • 1,5mm

  • 2,5mm

  • 3,5mm

  • 4,5mm

With the air ring you can achieve 2mm and the 3mm air flow by opening 4 or all of its 8 holes.

GG Submarine standard package includes all the air pins for standard MTL, RDL and DTL vaping styles and of course the air ring, to enjoy more RDL and DL options. You can separately purchase the "two-pieces" chimney for more freedom when you put the atomizer inside the boro tank.

The bottom air pins can be changed easily. To change them, you take off Submarine from the mod, unscrew the previous pin and screw the new one.

Liquid control: Simply turn the ring left or right, and the liquid holes will be either exposed or covered.

Bell: An outstanding feature is the top of the bell, which is domed. That way, the moisture concentrates before it reaches your mouth.

Deck: The deck is completely sandblasted to remove any CNC machining marks and looks absolutely beautiful.

The resistance sits low in comparison with the channels, allowing the wick to be fed more quickly and effectively. The deck has 2 screws that hold the wire in place.

The openings of positive and negative where you put the legs of the wire are not at the same angle. This allows for put your easier wire placement, or if you wish use of longer wires.

Submarine characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 13mm x 15,9mm

  • Height: 31mm

  • Material: Stainless Steel 316

  • Material between posts: PEEK

  • The liquid capacity on a classic boro tank is at 5ml

Package includes:

  • 1 x Submarine (The 1 air pin is installed)

  • 1 x 1,2mm air pin

  • 1 x 1,5mm air pin

  • 1x 2,5mm air pin

  • 1 x 3,5mm air pin

  • 1 x 4,5mm air pin

  • 510 adapter

  • air ring

Very interesting information:

The Submarine is manufactured on a 6-axis CNC machine to achieve maximum precision and machining quality.

The "tail" under the base is the positive pole (not the negative as in other bridges). So we can achieve very large air holes without problems. This is why there is no 510 thread on the "tail" because it would limit the air pins to the maximum hole of 3.5mm instead of the 4.5mm we achieved on the Submarine.

We could have easily made a pin with an air hole of the order of 6.5 mm, but we preferred to install a liquid control. We think fluid control is more important than a larger 4,5mm hole that already can be attached on the Submarine.

The surface (inside and outside) has been sandblasted with the smallest grain of sand available for an excellent appearance, eliminating all CNC marks. So the quality of the surface is unparalleled.

The air pins have 4 and of course large holes to prevent incoming air noise on the bridge.

There is no sealing ring between the base and the chimney, so these 2 pieces can be easily separated into tanks that open from their base, so no need to empty the liquid to test your resistance.

Liquid control is essential for all atomizers, which is why we put it in the Submarine. This way you can vape with minimal vapor if required, by reducing the watts and of course shutting off the liquid flow to avoid leaks or to avoid creating a new resistance in case you misplaced it or misplaced the wick position.


  • “Do Not” try to remove the plastic under the 510 threads or try to disassemble the positive post.

You can purchase the following after-sales parts:

  • The "two-piece chimney" that gives you the ability to put the entire deck inside the boro tank and then place the neck of the chimney from the top of the tank.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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