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Proteus electromechanical, the worldwide first mod with temperature control by Golden Greek

The first Temperature Control device in the market. An electromechanical vaping mod from Golden Greek, with removable PCBA, wireless, thin, small with all the features that a vaper needs. It works only with Titanium wire and has a function that auto-detects the wire. Fantastic functions that make Proteus a unique device. A device that you will love, a device that will stay in the vaping history as the most innovative device around. By Imeothanasis.


1. Battery Installation: Unscrew the venting cap and insert a 14500 IMR battery with the positive side towards the atomizer and at an angle to avoid damage the electronic part.

Screw the venting cap back in. If the battery fails to make contact, unscrew again the venting cap and adjust the small brass bolt that is attached to the cap.

2. Lock Proteus: After installing the battery, wait six (6) seconds until Proteus locks. A GREEN light will blink several times followed by a BLUE light which stays on for two (2) seconds. Proteus is now locked.

3. Attach an Atomizer: Connect an atomizer (equipped with a Titanium Grade 1 Coil) to Proteus.

4. Detect Configuration: Press the button five (5) times in quick succession. A BLUE light will blink three (3) times, indicating that your Proteus is now unlocked, followed by the RED light thats blinks while the Proteus is detecting your configuration.

Proteus detects your configuration once the light turns ORANGE and remains on for two (2) seconds. This process can take from one (1) minute to three (3) minutes depending on the temperature of your atomizer.

5. Vape: You're ready to go! Push the button to vape!


One (1) short RED blink: Proteus hasn't reached yet the desired temperature because the battery cannot sustain the set temperature level.

Ten (10) fast GREEN blinks: Your atomizer is fed badly or is running out of liquid. On GGatomizers, opening the liquid control may resolve the problem. If the problem persists, you probably have to refill your atomizer.

Continuous slow LIGHT BLUE blinks: The battery's charge is getting low. Either change your battery or consider moving to a lower temperature to prolong battery life. Also, the continuous slow LIGHT BLUE blinks may occur because of a bad connection between your battery and Proteus's cap or because of dirty threads. Please raise the small brass bolt inside the cap or clean the threads of Proteus.

Five (5) slow ORANGE blinks: The battery is discharged. Proteus stops functioning.

Steady BLUE light for two (2) seconds: Proteus is locked because the button was depressed for more than fifteen (15) seconds or because the electronic got too hot (thats an extremely rare situation). To unlock Proteus, press the button five (5) times in quick succession.

Ten (10) fast RED blinks: Your atomizer has a lower resistance than Proteus can handle or your atomizer is shorting. Check your atomizer or make a new coil.

Before you make a new coil, wash your atomizer under running water to remove any small pieces of wire that remained from your previous coil set up, which may be shorting it. In rare situations, the 10 fast red blinks may appear if the current that goes to the atomizer is more than VIR's limit (8,8 ampere).

Steady ORANGE light for three (3) seconds: Your battery is damaged. Please don't use it anymore and recycle it in the proper way.


Note: The working temperature range is 180-280 Celsius degrees. Proteus remembers all of your settings after the battery has been changed.

Up Menu - Increase Temperature: Push the button three (3) times and keep the button depressed for one (1) second. The RED light will stay on. While the RED light is on, push the button one (1) time to increase the temperature by ten (10) Celsius degrees, two (2) times to increase by twenty (20) Celsius degrees, and so on...

Down Menu - Decrease Temperature: Push the button four (4) times and keep the button depressed for one (1) second. The GREEN light will stay on. While the GREEN light is on, push the button one (1) time to decrease the temperature by ten (10) Celsius degrees, two (2) times to decrease by twenty (20) Celsius degrees, and so on...

Lock Proteus: Push the button five (5) times. A BLUE light will stay on for two (2) seconds, indicating that your Proteus is now locked.

Unlock Proteus: Push the button five (5) times. A BLUE light will blink three (3) times, indicating that your Proteus is now unlocked.

Check Set Temperature: Go to either the Up or the Down Menus and, when either the RED or the GREEN light turns on, release the button. An ORANGE light will start blinking slowly. Each blink indicates one step in temperature. Each step is ten (10) Celsius degrees. The total number of blinks will let you know what temperature you are at. One blink indicates 180 degrees Celsius. Two blinks indicate 190 degrees Celsius, and so on...

Stop LED's from blinking: Push the button one (1) time.


If you want to vape again on the same atomizer (without changing the coil), lock Proteus and then disconnect the atomizer. Reconnect the same atomizer when you are ready, unlock Proteus, and vape! If you forget to lock Proteus before disconnecting the atomizer, the green light will blink to inform you that you forgot to lock Proteus. You have 6 seconds to lock it before Proteus lose your settings.

If you want to vape with a different atomizer (or change the coil in the existing atomizer), disconnect your OLD atomizer and let Proteus lock by itself (The green light will blink for 6 seconds and then the blue light will stay on for 2 seconds). Now connect the NEW atomizer and unlock Proteus. Wait for it to detect your configuration. Proteus' red light will blink while detecting your configuration and the process will finish when an ORANGE light remains on for two (2) seconds. This may take from one (1) to three (3) minutes depending on the temperature of your


You're ready to vape again!


Please operate Proteus up to 230 Celsius degrees to have a decent battery life. Especially on GG atomizers (Penelopes), you can gain more battery life by NOT opening a lot of the liquid control.

Keep threads and contacts clean, otherwise your Proteus will not work as you expect.

The threads of the coil must NOT touch each other.

The legs of the coil (the distance between coil and posts that keep the wires in place) should be the shortest possible OR covered by the wick.

The wick should be loose when tucked between the resistance coil.

Keep all your electrical connections tight.

If you see that the green light blinks more often than usual on a new wick, don't worry. Please give wick some time to be saturated.

The last step of temperature (280 Celsius degrees) is very strong. So green light will blink more often than the other steps to prevent a burned wick.

If Proteus gets stuck, release the connection to the battery, wait 3 seconds and reconnect the battery. You will not lose any of your settings.

Proteus checks often your configuration, so when this procedure starts please don't interrupt it. You will be ready to vape again when the orange light stays on for two (2) seconds.

Range of Ti wires sizes that are recommended for atomizers which will work on Proteus: 0,20 mm - 0,50 mm.


1. Atomizer detection.

2. Working atomizer check.

3. Battery check.

4. Lock Mode.

5. 15 seconds cut-off.

6. Short circuit protection.

7. Reverse battery protection.

8. Over-discharge battery protection.

9. Thermal monitoring.

10. Atomizer doesn't work at all when you go from the one menu to another, something that saves battery and also doesn't annoy the user.

11. It works with 1x3,7 volt battery, with 2x3,7 volt batteries and with 2x3 volt batteries.

12. Remembers your last set up.

13. 8,8 ampere upper limit.

14. 8 volts upper limit.

15. Resistance range: 0,45-1,35 ohms.

16. The shortest and thinnest electronic PCBA today.

17. The electronic PCBA goes on and off its tube, like a mobile card (there are no wires anywhere).

18. Totally mechanical button. There is no electronic button on the PCBA.

19. Five colors led.

20. Battery auto-balance: Proteus vapes without new adjustments even if the battery is down to 3,45 volts.

21. you always know when you run out of liquid.

22. it vapes the same way in all environments (very hot - very cold).

23. you know when the battery is low or out of charge.

24. The maximum power of the electronic is 25watts with one battery and 30 watts with two batteries.


Proteus has a lifetime warranty, except for its electronic part. The electronic part has a 1-year warranty.

The warranty includes:

A. Proper and smooth operation of the board and its components.

Β. Operation of the board in accordance with what has been agreed between the two parties and reported on users' guide.

Not covered by the above warranty:

Damage caused by the bad or incorrect use of the electronic, such as from liquid of any kind on the surface of electronic, applying a voltage higher than normal, damage from explosion, application temperature above the normal, alterations in the hardware or the software, unauthorized repair, reverse battery installation and general damages not due to the design, to the manufacture, or to the assembly and also defects in materials and software.

Depending on the case, GG Enterprises L.T.D. must repair or replace (if repair is impossible) the VIR.

Guarantee does not include the shipping costs to and from the company GG Enterprises L.T.D.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


The Professionals and Inventors of Modern Vaping

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