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GG Odysseus RTA, the worldwide first atomizer fed by gravity by Golden Greek

The revolution on atomizers, only from Golden Greek as usual.

GG Οdusseus RTA atomizer will stay in the vaping world as the father of modern atomizers. Golden Greek Odysseus is the first atomizer that uses gravity to feed the wick, its the first atomizer that carries the liquid control function, it's tiny but holds 4ml of liquid, it also has a very easy refilling method.

The best by far atomizer ever made that will make your vaping life extremely pleasant.

The Golden Greek Odysseus RTA atomizer is the second rebuildable tank system in the GG range. It is a very flexible device that allows you to use traditional atomizers on it (an expansion set is needed for this) or to build your own atomizer (thanks to its rebuildable atomizer feature) allowing you to tweak the resistance to your preference.

GG Odysseus RTA atomizer has the same features as its predecessor "Iatty" and much more.

With the Golden Greek Odysseus, you can build and rebuild your own atomizer at a fraction of the cost of buying new atomizers as well as having the flexibility of wiring different resistances and the capacity of a tank. Odysseus uses a 510 threading and can be connected to many mods that facilitate a 510 atomizer connection. The GG Odysseus features up to a 6,5ml capacity tank when used with its rebuildable atomizer configuration but can also be used with 510 atomizers and other setups as an additional tank.

Odysseus RTA atomizer is an advanced user's product and is not suitable for everyone. If this sounds over your head this product is probably not for you.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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