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GG Nano and Supernano by Imeo

Golden Greek Nano and Super Nano are small and powerful mods, invisible inside your hand. Pure magic, only from Golden Greek!

The need of smaller mods is getting bigger. Vapers love their big mods with the big batteries that give them time to vape but they also need small e-cigs that can be invisible inside their hands, they are lightweight, elegant and they can be stored easy. We heard you so we went on to produce Nano, a very small 18350 battery mod and one more even smaller than Nano that we called Supernano. It's the smallest by far mod in the market.

You can clean their contacts the easy way by removing the front cap and the button, you can adjust the path of the button, it carries a "lock button" option and it can accept any 910 atomizer.

They are Golden Greek atomizers and mods constructions, vape them, you deserve them!


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