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GG4S - perseus v2

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Golden Greek GGTS, the legend by Imeo

As the title says.......

Simply Golden Greek

Machine from highly durable and beautiful aluminum, the Golden Greek Telescopic System is among the epitome of versatility allowing numerous battery and atomizer configurations for 3.7v, 6.4v, and 7.4v vaping. Higher voltage configurations give quicker draw, more flavor, increased throat hit, and warmer vapor. With heavy-duty components, a hefty diameter of 23mm, and a fully telescoped length of 105mm (excluding atomizer), the SS GGTS is α pure machine.

Fully handcrafted, built with quality materials such as aircraft aluminum, producing the higher quantity and quality of vapor, GGTS stays at the top of the mods worldwide. It is the legend by Imeo.

The GG is versatile and has the unique ability to fit different batteries and different atomizers and cartomizers.

In fact, it can fit two types of atomizers (510 and 801) and by adding its retheader it can also fit 901 atomizers.

The GGTS is therefore a genius device.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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