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Drip tips by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

The market is full of drip tips, so is there any reason for Golden Greek to make new ones? Yes there is, because they are made in a simple, straight way,a way that is always appreciated by our audience and because they carry our logo.

These new drip tips are made of transparent PMMA, stainless steel and Ultem. These are the safest and most beautiful materials that a drip tip can be made. Only from your beloved Golden Greek company.

These GG drip tips are made with extreme care in polished and mat finish in several dimensions. They carry two o-rings (1mm each of them) to stay snug and steady on your atomizer.

diameter x height:

  • 9x11mm

  • 9x13mm

  • 9x15mm

  • 10x11mm

  • 10x13mm

  • 10x15mm

  • curved 15mm (with a curve in the middle of its height)


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