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GG4S - perseus v2

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GG4S V1 mod by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

Easy to operate, easy to clean its contacts, easy to lock it, with 2 caps (normal and hybrid).

GG4S from Golden Greek is a mod at 22mm that came to stay in your collection. Simple and effective, GG4S mod wants to be your trusted vaping partner.

GG4S mod features:

  • very small

  • GG4S is adapted to the length of the battery so the mod is the smallest possible

  • no external gaps. The only gap is the distance between the button and the lock part

  • accepts all 18650 and 2x18350 batteries

  • 0,07 voltage drop with 1,5 ohm resistance

  • no plating on any of its components

  • direct connection to the battery (hybrid style)

  • accepts all 510 atomizers. You don’t have to care anymore of how far the center pole of an atomizer sticks out of its 510 threads

  • locking mechanism

  • soft lock

  • adjustable button path (just by screwing a little more the unit)

  • side venting holes

  • easy to push the button with your palm or your finger

  • button can be pushed at all angles

  • it doesn't fire in a vertical position but it still has a very soft button

  • you can align the unit's engraving to match the atomizer's engraving

  • the cleaning procedure is rare and also very easy

  • It is made of only 5 machined pieces

  • It is made of very big pieces. That way you can handle them very easy and you can't lose them

  • GG4S mod is an SS construction that hits almost like a copper one (the button is made out of brass)

  • GG4S mod accepts dna kick module if you pair it with a 18500 battery

GG4S mod characteristics:

  • length 76 mm

  • width 22mm

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


I have the mod and works way better that anything else I have tried

Golden Greek
Golden Greek
May 03, 2021
Replying to

thank you my love!


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