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All Golden Greek Innovations by Imeo

After 10 years of working on e-cig business, Golden Greek company is really proud for the list of things that they introduced to vapers and helped them to stop the deadly habit of smoking. We at the Golden Greek thank everyone that was and still is with us on this journey and we ensure everyone that we will be with him continuously and as long as he needs us.

Let's see what we introduced on vaping industry:

The mechanical style e-cig itself

GG Custom device (from scratch) made by us on a lathe Full mechanical GG button All kinds of GG mechanical adapters (510, 801, 901) GG mechanical adapters with moving pin The slimmest e-cig (GGSlim) GG Locking button GG Grounded button Laser engraving All kind of batteries in only one device Vaping at 7,4 volts Drip in a straight position without holding the device GG e-cig in sections GG e-cig with telescopic system More than one version to satisfy all people (6 versions) GG AFS (Auto Feeding System tank) GG Removable button in 4 places of the device GG 4 in 1 connector (you connect 801, 901, 510 atomizers and cartomizers too in a single connector) The first device made of aluminum and the hardest one (7075) GG Passthrough GG Wall plug GG HV atomizers Up to 6 volts vaping just from a single 3,7 volt battery Cartomizer ready GG 2 tone e-cig (brass and aluminum) GG Hot spring that melts if a short circuit happens 2 sided spring, so it can be longer or shorter GG Fuse to avoid short circuits, hot battery or exploded battery GG Auto Feeding for all kinds of atomizers from their side holes Automatically adjustable GGTS center pin to fit all atomizers Adjustable center pin on GG atomizers so they can fit in any mod GG SS flat cartridge GG Liquid collector GG Magnetic button GG Button with adjusted path (supert was first on this) GG Adjustable liquid control (on UFS) so more or less liquid comes to a China atomizer Four cuts on the connector's cap so all atomizers sit flush to the connector with no gaps GG atomizer with sections to make it longer or shorter The first atomizer with the resistance near the base and a cone to cover it. GG smallest rebuildable multiatomizer in the market with: Ability to add sections Automatically adjustable center pin to fit exactly to your connector Adjustable liquid control from zero to max Accepts E2 atomizers Accepts 510 atomizer with or without liquid control Accepts cartos punched or not punched Stopper on the adjustable liquid control to avoid overflowing by mistake Liquid is adjusted via mouthpiece UFS compatible Ability to be used as a single atomizer for dripping

GG Fat wicks on rebuildable atomizers Use of no resistance and resistance wire to build a coil by twisting them together GG Twisted resistance wires that hold juice on them so that drives to an even better vaping Coil on the wick and not coil around the wick Ready build no resistance and resistance wire as one piece (also connected only by heat and not with solder) GG Atomizer with the ability to set it in a basic feeding mode and still able to use the adjustable liquid control GG Atomizer with the ability to set it for hot or colder vape GG Atomizer with 2 bases on the same unit (GGTS base and 510 base) Adjustable air on atomizers (supert made first an AD control but only for 801 China atomizers and in a totally different way) GG Atomizer refilled in 3 ways (removing its base, from the big cap, from the small cap) No tools are used to rebuild a GG atomizer Golden Greek first introduced the "hybrid" mods a long time ago, and in a better way of existing hybrids in the market today GG Telescopic mouthpiece to fit all lengths of an atomizer with extensions We first introduced the knurled metal pieces GG Connector with o-rings around it (so no leaks of liquid, moving pole and very friendly user) GG Spring-loaded application GG Air control via mouthpiece You have everytime clean contacts by turning them a little without the need to clean them. That way you increase the time between cleaning procedure by 10 times or more Introduced o-rings on ecigs Introduced Zirconium wires on ecigs Introduced temperature control on e-cigs Internal slots on refilling cap of GG atomizers. That way air escapes while closing the cap after refilling, so we avoid overflooding GG Mouth-tongue protection from liquid spitting (spitback protection) GG Pins for air instead of AFC ring so the hole that hits the coil is always the right one. Also pins that allow air pass around it and not though it Clean gurgling without interfering with liquid GG Moving posts to accept short or long wire GG BF tank atomizer


The Professionals and Inventors of Modern Vaping

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