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Esterigon by Golden Greek (side button mod)

Esterigon is a mod with an easy way to clean the button, awesome look, side button. What else would you expect from Golden Greek?

Esterigon's features:

  • Simple but very effective locking mechanism that can't move or get unscrewed or fire your esterigon by accident.

  • Extremely easy assembling-disassembling procedure.

  • Side venting holes for real safety (your esterigon mod will not be a rocket inside your mouth in case of an explosion). Also, the venting holes are far from your face.

  • Esterigon sits in a vertical position.

  • Esterigon doesn't roll on the surfaces.

  • Ability to accept all batteries with different tubes.

  • Air control that totally seals the air.

  • Automatically adjustable center post to accept all atomizers.

  • New style connector that doesn't allow the liquid to escape to your battery.

  • Esterigon has 4 cuts on its connector to avoid damage on it and increase air pass.

  • New spring-loaded application that maximizes the electrical conductivity. (Spring is trapped with threads between 2 brass parts.

  • Esterigon has conical contacts on the posts that the button touches, to avoid any kind of misfires.

  • Polished contacts to maximize the electrical conductivity.

  • Contacts, button and button's spring can be easily removed (when you want to clean or replace them) with a simple pull, using only your fingers.

  • Esterigon mod takes 18xxx batteries but it's at 21mm in external diameter.

  • There is no plating anywhere on the esterigon that would reduce the electrical conductivity.

  • Esterigon mod is polished to avoid dirt and rust.

  • You can turn the contacts to a new position every time you see that electrical conductivity is reduced.

  • There is no gap externally. It looks like one solid tube.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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