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Cybrillion V1 and Cybrillion V2, the worldwide first mod with big side button

The Cybrillion V1 and Cybrillion V2 mods from Golden Greek are here!

The GG Cybrillion is capable of a 18650 battery.

With its big side button and the easy lock, option is a mod different than all the others and very comfortable on the hand.

The electrical connection with the battery is established by a gold plated spring (which stays tight with threads between 2 brass pieces. The button contact is also made of brass for maximum conductivity.

GG Cybrillion V1 and GG Cybrillion V2 both come at 23mm in external diameter.

They are unique mods that you really have to try!

Cybrillion V1 and Cybrillion V2 mods features:

  • Locking cap with a slot on its side so that the user knows exactly when he can pull the inner pieces to be inspected. This happens when the slot is aligned with the button.

  • The entire outer body is engraved for excellent visual effect.

  • Special soft plastic materials on the edges of both ends of the internal brass tube to avoid contact of the positive pole of the battery with the lid of the atomizer and the inner tube.

  • The escape hole is the area between the button and main body of the mod, (that means on the side) to prevent the device from moving in the direction of the mouth, as well as to avoid hot gases on the face in case of a battery problem.

  • Easy spring change in case of short circuit.

  • Thick gold-plated spring for maximum durability and less damage from short circuit. Also, the spring contact is better than any other mod on the market because it is tightly caged with threads between 2 brass metal pieces.

Cybrillion V1 and Cybrillion V2 mods characteristics:

  • Height: 85mm

  • Diameter: 23mm

  • Operating battery: 1x18650


  • Each Cybrillion V1 and Cybrillion V2 is covered by a 6-month warranty.

  • The warranty does not cover o-rings, plastic parts, and the spring.

  • Also, damage or wear of the mod is not covered due to the user's fault (falls, blows, abrasions, etc.)


Always insert the battery with the positive terminal on the atomizer cap.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!

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