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GG wall plug, the worldwide first by Golden Greek

GG passthough is here! The first wall plug ever made on vaping community, made by Golden Greek.

Vape without worring about the battery's life. It never ends because it's Golden Greek by Imeothanasis!

Mods work nicely when we are out of home. We have the ability to vape for enough hours before battery ends. But what if we are inside home, for example in front of a computer? Why not have the ability to not use our charged batteries that we need them when we are outside home? Why to discharge them without any reason, especially when we spend a lot of hours to charge them?

The solution is given by Golden Greek with the wall plug. The wall plug is a wire that is connected between the power supply, (e.g. a wall plug or a USB port) and the e-cig device. That way, you have unlimited power from your house power supply or from your computer, without the danger of a short circuit and without spending the eνergy of the batteries!

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, use it, you deserve it!


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