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All our vaping liquids (award-winning e-liquids) by Golden Greek

SHORTFILLS - Instructions for use: Add 10 ml of vegetable glycerine with or without nicotine to obtain a total result of 60ml.

FLAVORSHOTS - Instructions for use: Add 42 ml of vegetable glycerine with or without nicotine to obtain a total result of 60ml.

Are you bored of the same? You need something that will awake your senses? Something addictive like chocolate is? Try the five Golden Greek liquids and you will feel like you are in heaven!

Golden Greek new liquid recipes (Shortfills and FlavorShots) are the very best vaping e-liquids around. Not just premium, but high end! We make them to satisfy your senses. The quality is superb and the taste is extraordinary. They are the definition of taste!

Golden Greek liquids don't contain any kind of sweeteners or sucralose. GG liquids are made after a lot of tries and fails and they are the purest liquids on the market.

GG liquids are not simply premium, they are High End!

Golden Greek are award-winning liquids at Vapexpo of Spain in 2018. First and second award for our Tobacco and Desert flavors.

They are GG liquids, you deserve them!

Golden Greek vaping liquids come in flavor shots and short fills.

"The Original"

It's time to be Original again with this very special vaping liquid.

You will never be able to forget its taste.

Authentic Greek yogurt based on grandma's old recipe.

With a note of strawberries from the fields of Spain.

With a sweet caramel, made of a great mix of the best candies and a light cover of walnuts from different countries.

Feel the authentic taste of Greece that travels all around the world, coming directly from Olympus!

"Dark Mamba"

The GG Dark Mamba hits like a moving train and tastes exactly as you want to taste.

It is composed of a variety of Burley and Virginia tobaccos.

By combining these two ingredients in perfect balance, we achieved the ideal elixir.

We added caramelized, cooked nuts to give you a sweet and dry flavor at the same time.

Probably the best RY4 you've ever taste!

"Golden Gene"

Do you remember your joy when you were a kid and someone brought you

your very first bag of candies? Feel like this again with the Golden Gene.

Because the Gene is Golden and never forgets or fails.

GG Golden Gene is a mixture of cooked vanilla, butter biscuit and sugar, burned on its surface.

This secret custard recipe will make you feel like eating a spoonful of a

sweet and delicious dessert and it will wake up all your senses!

"Sweet Mamba"

It's an exclusive recipe of absolute Virginia tobacco and a variety of nuts that accompany the nuances of biscuit and the toasted caramel.

All ingredients are "smoked" to give you a dry touch on the palate.

Our second RY4 is a masterpiece, created by our precious alchemists. Dare to sweeten your days with this wonderful liquid!

"Red Mamba"

GG Red Mamba vaping e-liquid is made by pure selection and mixing of exquisite shisha tobacco, different varieties of red fruits, all rounded with a touch of delicious caramel.

GG Red Mamba tastes exactly like hookah (that many people love) but it is more fresh and tasty.

We, at Golden Greek company, are sure that the third member of mambas named "GG Red Mamba" will excite you. You will be addicted to this liquid that is made with extreme care, just like all of our Golden Greek liquids.

As you may know, we don't produce big series of vaping liquids but only one new taste every 6 months. The new GG Red Mamba flavor shot and short fill follows the same rule. Ιts a result of a 6 month-research, so be sure that its quality is top-notch and its taste is better than any other shisha liquid you have already tried.

3 comentários

its heaven. These liquids are incredibly nice!!! Dark mamba and the original are liquids that you want to drink them. Just wow!!!!


Sophia Narges
Sophia Narges
30 de set. de 2020

red mamba is the real thing. Its simply shischa! The dark mamba and the original are out of this word. Thank you!


Imeo, your liquids are one of a kind. Your description reflects the truth. Very tasty, no farmacy taste and they really make you feel a very happy camber


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