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Collective leather cases by Imeothanasis and Golden Greek

A very special, high end, collective Golden Greek case, made from an expensive leather outside and a special leather inside that absorbs the liquid drops, so it doesn't get wet or dirty, made for all GG users and their fantastic vaping equipment!

The GG leather case is a high quality case, like all GG products that are made by Imeothanasis.

The leather case was made keeping in mind the needs of the vapers. This particular carrying case is meticulous down to the last detail. Inside the case you can place a box mod, a cylindric mod with its atomizer on it, a bottle of liquid and several drip tips. It also has an inner case for cotton and wire, and comes inside a fabric storage case.

GG leather case carries the Golden Greek logo on the front cover and a description of the Golden Greek history on the back cover, as well as the list of products that the company has made to date. Cylinder cases also exists for your precious mechanical or electronic models.

Specifications of Golden Greek leather case:

  • Functional and easy to carry

  • Durability in time and use

  • Sufficient space for transporting a complete vaporizing package


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