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About atomizers' taste by Golden Greek

atomizer taste
atomizer taste

From time to time we, at Golden Greek company, try to explain to you what may happen on the vaping stage when something new appears. For instance when new wires emerge on the market or when ceramics as heating elements appear, about myths that the electroplating gives us better conductivity etc. We have already discussed all that on my post some months ago on safety of vaping

Now let me tell you my personal opinion about the taste of different atomizers.

First of all, the taste is not really objective. It depends on how much you love a company, which time of the day you first tried an atomizer, in what mood you were in at that time, etc. Also depends on what you have already tasted, that's why other people speak highly of an atomizer and others not so much.

We will try to solve the issue because all these opinions are really puzzling. Furthermore some people believe that the taste has to do with the construction of an atomizer or how the air hits the wire. Let's examine if they are right.

Starting off from the outset, what is exactly an atomizer?

It's a construction where the air hits a heating wire that evaporates liquid that was absorbed by a wick inside this wire and after pushing the mod's button you inhale the vapor that is produced. If the liquid is enough on the wick then you have a specific taste. If not, the taste is different. Also the air plays a significant role on how it hits the wire AND how much of air hits it. I will elaborate on this issue later.

However, I have heard opinions that support the construction plays a part on taste, meaning that even a small bolt can change it. In my view. this doesn't make any sense, really. Let's imagine a hypothetical scenario to prove that.

Think of a hole on the floor of your room and a small resistance upon it. Moreover, a big bell (big as your kitchen table) upon this hole. And finally, a big drip tip that reaches your mouth.

If you inhale from this drip tip you will have a taste. Since the distance between the wire and your mouth is big, the vapor will be cold and it will have a specific taste (as cold vapor tastes different than a warm one and that's because all human aromas, in general, have to work at specific temperatures to give their best). So here is one factor that you'd think it would have a major impact on taste but doesn't. The differences in distances between variant atomizers are too small to give us dissimilar results, unless referring to a tiny atomizer where the distance from the wire to your mouth is so tiny that your tongue can touch the wire! Then yes. the vapor will have a difference. In all other atomizers the difference will be so insignificant that there is no reason to mention it or say things such as, "wow this atomizer's taste is the best by far, because it's small or big or it has 10 bolts inside it", etc. Now think of the internal construction of an atomizer. It has some bolts and some walls. But the air isn't affected by all those things inside the atomizer. It follows a specific straight route from the air hole to the drip tip. The air doesn't care if an atomizer has 10 bolts inside as long as it doesn't go through these bolts. And it doesn't on atomizers. That's why the internal structure of atomizers doesn't affect the taste.

Other people claim that taste is a little different when vapor reaches our mouth via a conical or a rounded bell. Yes, that's true, but why? Because you inhale drops of concentrated liquid around the internal place of the bell and those drops reach your mouth along with the vapor that is produced from the wire. That's why there is a difference between a flat bell and a rounded one. The flat bell works like a spitback protection but also doesn't let the concentration reach your mouth.

The quantity of the air also has an impact on taste. Vaping from a tiny hole is different, as the wire cannot be cooled down enough by the small air quantity, so the vapor is warmer. As a result, there is a difference in taste. Also the air via a small air pin hits a smaller area of your tongue, hence the feeling is also a bit different. Last but not least, the taste differs when the liquid vapors are mixed with a another amount of air.

The quantity of vapor also affects taste, consequently some people claim that the drippers that are made for direct inhaling have a better taste. That's due to the fact that in every inhale they take 4-5 times more vapor than the mouth to lung vapers. More vapor simply means more taste.

The way the air hits the wire plays a part as well. Vaping from an atomizer that has side holes and hits the wire just on its sides only, isn't the same as when the air from a bottom air hole hits the wire on almost all of its diameter. Of course, this depends on the hole of the bell. The bigger the hole of the bell, the less air hits the wire, owing to the fact that air always follows a straight route and if the bell's hole is big then the air will not hit the upper part of the wire, just the bottom and the sides.

But most importantly than anything previously mentioned, is the feeding ability. If the feeding is not good, the rest doesn't matter at all. However, the feeding has to be balanced, otherwise you may have gurgling, leakage or burned taste, things you don't want for sure.

The best atomizer is the one that has a resistance deep inside the liquid! But that's not possible, as a huge power supply is needed to fire such a big amount of liquid. Besides, an atomizer like that would leak every 3 seconds.

So, the best atomizer is the one that has the best balance between feeding and leakage. Unfortunately, it's impossible to achieve that, that's why Golden Greek invented liquid control some years ago. That way you can always control the balance between leakage and good vape.

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Golden Greek
Golden Greek
18. Feb. 2020

Trying to help, thank you patrick buddy

Gefällt mir

Patrick Blindeman
Patrick Blindeman
17. Feb. 2020

fully agree, so be it...:)

Gefällt mir

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