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Vaping Cotton by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

Cotton has become the universal wicking material for vapes. Vapers have experimented with silica, mesh, hemp, and rayon, but universally cotton was embraced and heralded as the best. Why? It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and it has a neutral taste. Even if you’re using a tank, most pre-made coil heads come standard with cotton wicks.

If you are going to use rebuildables like RTAs or RDAs, Golden Greek cotton is by far one of the most important vape supplies in your arsenal. GG cotton is the very best cotton available right now for vapers.

The new GG cotton by Imeothanasis came on the market to increase users' vaping pleasure. Try it and you may have the best vaping experience ever!

  • GG Blend is premium organic cotton, created for vaping only

  • GG Blend has huge fibers, no break period needed, no chemicals, no impurities, no natural oil, no pesticides, unbleached, tasteless, odorless

  • The Golden Greek cotton has special treatment on fibers for superior absorption and 100% more durability

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!



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