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Springomizer (Tilemahos X1) RTA atomizer at 30mm, 31,5mm, 32,5mm

Are you tired of making your own coil? Are you tired of screwing bolts to keep the wire in place? Are you tired of cutting wires and always use tools to make a coil? Do you need something bulletproof that will never sort?

Golden Greek presents you the Tilemahos springomizer (Tilemahos X1) RTA atomizer! A new way to build your coil, a new way to vape. Just push the spring inside the deck's slots and you are ready to put wick and vape on your Tilemahos X1!


  • Easy to put the resistance on and off. In fact, its not easy, its ridiculous easy!

  • Resistance doesn't deform when you put wick inside it, even if the wick is extremely fat. The most possible is that wick will get damaged but the wire will stay untouched!

  • Coil can give shape to the whole wick!

  • Resistance doesn't move while you put the wick, even if the wick is very very fat! You can put even silica inside its threads and spring will still stay in place!

  • Resistance is always perfect. Threads are always spaced the same distance. So perfect coil, perfect taste!

  • You don't have to worry any more about deforming the coil while screwing the bolts that keep the wire in place. (Because there are no bolts)!

  • Easy cleaning of the resistance (put it off and clean it with soap and water or use an ultrasonic cleaner! It will not deform)!

  • You can change the value of resistance without changing the coil, just by extending the spring and putting it in a different position!

  • Even if you deform the spring "(because you extended it too much), you will be still able to use it via the "helper"

  • You can move the spring close to the center post air hole for different flavor-smoke-hit!

  • Spring uses ALL the available resistance between posts because there are no wire legs!

  • It's inexpensive! China sells the ready resistances for 2 euros and they last for 1 week. Now your resistance costs 1 euro and it will last maybe forever!

In fact its a wireless RTA atomizer :)


1. cut wick TOTALLY FLUSH to the feeding channels

2. wick must NOT be tight inside spring

The regular Tilemahos X1 (Springomizer) is produced at diameters of 20-21-22 and 23mm but this one is made in diameters of 30mm, 31,5mm and 32,5mm to hold much more liquid.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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