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Tilemahos Armed Eagle (TAE) RTA at 23mm and 25mm by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

Tilemahos Armed Eagle (TAE) RTA atomizer and RDTA atomizer is a heavily improved Tilemahos Armed. A really enjoyable device from Golden Greek company.

GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle carries a lot of new features that will increase your vaping experience.

TAE is the new member of atomizers in Golden Greek family by Imeo Thanasis. Tilemahos Armed Eagle 23mm and Tilemahos Armed Eagle 25mm atomizers can be gone up without any tool. They have three (3) positive poles (1.5mm – 2mm – 5mm), and provide easily changeable inhalation from classical to mouth to lung.

Tilemahos Armed eagle is an atomizer that will rock your vaping life. It gives you the ability to you unscrew the body and leave it on any surface at any position without the fear that liquid will come out of the liquid container. As for the deck, it gives you the ability to make your own coil but also to use it as springomizer, meaning that you can just push a ready-made spring inside the deck without the need to make a coil.

The top filling is more than easy and the look of the whole design is awesome.

The glass is protected by a metal body around it and the base includes a collector tank to collect any liquid that comes from the air hole.

The air always comes to the wire from the right air hole, meaning that the taste, the throat hit and and vapor are maximized.

Warranty of TAE atomizer:

  • 6 months warranty for atomizer

  • Warranty does not cover glass tank, o-rings, springs and user’s faults

Tilemahos Armed Eagle RDTA atomizer features:

  • Metal construction that doesn’t break in case of a fall

  • Ability to lock the liquid when deck is out

  • Adjustable center pin to fit on all mods (ability to make it solid by totally screwing it, so excellent control on temperature devices)

  • Collector tank to avoid any gurgling

  • Ability to empty the collector tank without opening the atomizer. The only you have to do is to unscrew the base

  • CNC engraving

  • Ability to see the liquid level

  • Spitback protection

  • Ability to use your own drip tip

  • 4mm and 6mm feeding channels depending of what style you use for coil (springomizer or your own coil)

  • Ability to change the center air hole without messing with liquid or open the atomizer by any meaning. So, Tilemahos Armed Eagle gives you the ability for mouth to lung or direct to lung inhales. Both styles work as advertised

  • Ability to make your own wire

  • Ability to use springomizer

  • Easy top refilling via a bigger hole than previous versions

  • Feeding channels are low for better and quicker feeding without opening a lot the liquid control

  • Wire holders are not on the same line but at an angle, so very easy for the user to make his own coil

  • It can vape 100% VG very effectively. You can flood Tilemahos even with a so thick liquid

  • Ability to remove the spitback protection drip tip and put your own one

Taste: If you think that any other atomizer has good taste out there, better try GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle 23mm and Tilemahos Armed Eagle 25mm. Also, the taste on springomizer mode is simply fantastic.

  • The liquid container is 4ml

  • CE Marking

  • polished and mat versions available

Package includes:

  • GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle 23mm or Tilemahos Armed Eagle 25mm comes with the positive pole of 5mm, and its Drip Tip

  • Positive pole 1,5mm

  • Positive pole 2mm

  • Helper 6mm (To keep the positive and negative pole in place while assembling it inside the housing)

  • Zirconium spring (Springrormizer) 0,35mm

  • Set of o-rings

  • User instructions in 6 different languages


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