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GG4S - perseus v2

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Penelope V3 and Penelope V4 RTA atomizers by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

A heavily updated Penelope from Golden Greek. No NR-R-NR wire is required. That makes your life easier but without losing the thin style that you loved on Penelope V1 and Penelope V2.

Golden Greek Penelope V3 and Penelope V4 RTA atomizers are thin vaping devices at 17mm in width with an easy refilling style. You simply unscrew the top cap of the devices and you put liquid between the mouthpiece and the main body.

Penelope V3 and Penelope V4 have a body that you can easily unscrew and check your deck. They also gives you the ability to separate the deck from the base and clean the liquid inside the base to eliminate any gurgling that may occur.

GG Penelope V3 and V3 are MTL atomizers with an air hole at 1,5mm which is the classic GG style air hole that simulates the old smoking style.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!




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