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GG4S - perseus v2

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GGTX (anniversary GGTS) by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

After 10 years of innovatiοns in the vaping industry, we, at the Golden Greek company, decided to celebrate this anniversary. The reproduction of the first mechanical mod that brought the vaping revolution around the world came back!

It's the timeless classic, the myth, the legend, the GGTS. GGTX (anniversary GGTS) mod is made in a bit of a different way to suit our present needs and we hope that it will become your everyday vaping machine, like it was 10 years ago. The collectible GGTX mod by Imeo will be produced at the limited number of 300 pieces and never again.

GGTX mod features:

  • all brass construction for the best electrical conductivity.

  • new button, more robust.

  • two telescopes, one for 18350 and one for 18650 batteries.

  • best electrical contact because of the telescope that keeps tight the battery from both ends.

  • side venting holes. So in case of a short circuit, gases will go on the side and the mod will not become a rocket inside our mouth.

  • Easy button asemblance and disassembly (the whole construction in general).

  • Simple but the most effective mechanical mod, that consists of only a few parts.


  • Diameter: 22mm

  • Operating battery: Type 18350/18650

  • CE certification

Package Contents:

  • 1 x GGTX Mod 22mm

  • 1 x Body for use with 18350 batteries

  • 1 x Body for use with 18650 batteries

  • 1 x Instructions for use in 6 different languages (including Greek)


Please read the instructions carefully before using the GGTX for the first time

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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