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GG4S - perseus v2

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GG UFS by Golden Greek

Golden Greek AFS is updated to Golden Greek UFS. Modern, better feeding, much more pleasure from Golden Greek!!

Golden Greek UFS features:

  • air control

  • hybrid connection with GGTS

  • moving the center pin to fit any atomizer

  • collector tank

  • PMMA glass tank to check liquid level

  • ability to add sections, so better liquid capacity

  • easy top refilling style

The GG UFS has the same diameter as GGTS and holds 5ml of juice.

Another thing that stands out on the UFS’s appearance is the prominent bezels scattered throughout the outside (and inside) of the mod. Any part that has to be fastened by hand has deep bezels to assist in gripping the components. As a result, assembly and disassembly of the GG UFS are much easier and owners will appreciate this touch. The centerpiece inside of the tank is also bezeled, which makes the attachment of the atomizer or carto onto it and its installation into the bottom of the tank a snap easier. The air Control Ring on the bottom of the collection tank is a large beveled piece that screws down to close off the air inlet holes or adjust the draw.

The unit is matching the size and aesthetics of the GGTS.

Our conclusion about the leakage on other simple-made tanks is that the leaks are caused by inconsistencies with atomizers (atomizers with a lighter draw were deemed more likely to cause seepage and leakage) and differences in air pressure, and are to a certain degree unavoidable. Our solution is to replace the top cap of the GGTS with a collection tank and to move the air inlet holes and control rings onto it in order to contain, rather than prevent leaks. In theory, any errant juice would gather in the collector tank to the point where it would equalize air pressure between the two tanks and stop the leakage or seepage. The juice tank can be removed from the collector tank so that any juice inside the latter can be poured into another container for later use.

Theory aside, how does this work in reality? So far, very good. Yes, it can leak out the air inlet holes if you hold the unit horizontally; closing the control ring prevents this.

Finally, how does it vapes? Without hesitation, very well. The experience matches that UFS handles both high and regular voltage vaping equally well. Likewise for PG, straight VG, or any mixture thereof. Modified cartos and the possibility of soon using other atomizers with some or no modification promise to make the mod more useful and versatile still. Overall, the unit feels very solid and reliable, even matching the durability and robustness of the GGTS itself. In every way, it is a mod worthy to sit with pride upon the already venerated GGTS.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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