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Springs for Springomizer from Golden Greek

Zr and SS Springs for Springomizer
Zr and SS Springs for Springomizer

We all know the traditional way to make a coil. You use a metal axis where you wrap around it a wire. But what if there is another way to make coils? What if the coil was premade? What if the coil was as strong as steel and never moves while you put cotton inside? What if the coil was so strong that even if you pull the cotton very hard, the coil would always stay in place? Without any sign of deformation?

The springs are the easiest way to "make" a resistance for your favorite Springomizer. In fact, you don't really make any resistance, you simply push the spring between the posts and your resistance is ready!

Making the coil is always the hardest and most boring thing you have to do with your atomizer. But those days came to an end!

They are available at 0,3mm - 0,35mm and 0,40mm diameters to satisfy all tastes.

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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