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GG mechanical adapters, the worldwide first by Golden Greek

three are 4 types of connections berween mods and atomizers today. The 510 connection, the 901 connection, the 801 connection and the cartomizer connection. That means that not all the atomizers fit on every mod. But vapers need to put their atomizer on a specific mod and that was impossible until today.

Vaping forums are full of discussions about this issue and had to be solved. So we decided to give the solution via adapters.

Golden Greek represends you the set of adapters that allow users to change the connection of a mod and transform it to a connection that fits on the mod. That way, the user can put any atomizer in any mods. A great solution that give to the vapers the freedom they want.

These adapters have a moving center pin that can be automatically adjusted when we connect the atomizer and the mod through them.

GG adapters are the first mechanical adapters ever made. They are made to connect different atomizers on different mods' connectors like 901, 801, cartomizer, etc. Simply from Golden Greek.

They are Golden Greek atomizers and mods constructions, use them, you deserve them!


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