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the Golden Greek interactive 3D vaping models

After all these years, no one else gave you the opportunity to see a vaping construction closely, from the comfort of your couch. We are positive that you would love to have that opportunity. You would love to investigate am e-cigarette that gives you pleasure.

So we wanted to make a difference. We wanted to give you that "something" that no one else offers you. Something unique that will also make you feel unique.

Thats why Imeo constructed very detailed 3D models of all our vaping equipment like MTL atomizers, DTL atomizers, RTA atomizers, RDA atomizers, RDTA atomizers, and RDTA - SQUONKS atomizers, just for your eyes only. You will find there all our RTA atomizers, our RDTA atomizers, our mods, our feeding systems like UFS, our cotton, our collective leather case, our pods, our drip tips, our vaping liquids, our presentation box, our electronic part named V.I.R., even the GGTS electrical fuse, the first tank in vaping history and the Zirconium wire in spools.

High-end Golden Greek Atomizers and Mods interactive 3d models that you can turn around as you wish via your mouse. Meet our interactive GG vape models, check them from any angle and decide if they are the devices that meet your standards, without going to a store to see them closely!

  • Click the GG construction you want to view

  • Click and keep your left mouse button and slide the mouse to move the model around

  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in

  • To observe more clearly a specific area, click on this area and then zoom in

  • To go back to the gallery, press the back button of your browser or push the button named "gallery"

GG atomizers and mods

The Professionals and Inventors of Modern Vaping

by Imeo

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Special thanks to Lee for his support all these years via his blog with users' pictures and news about GG mods and atomizers. To Ariel for keeping GG Wiki up to date and for his efforts concerning the GG constructions serials.

To Philgood for his continuous support, by reviewing the best way the GG products. To Nudelholz for his wonderful pictures. To Gerhard Grozurek for his consistent support.


To the rest of the exceptional reviewers around like Qorax Stan, George Batareykin, VarosVapor, Scott, Dirk Oberhaus, Mike Godwin, Klaus Jedelsky, Nikos Babasidis, and many other English and non-English reviewers. To Gekka for his fantastic idea about Cybrillion and his awesome animations. To our sellers that do their best to provide quality services.

To ECF for its support the past 9 years and of course all GG users that love and support GG Atomizers and Mods line like Runar, Frank, Ottelo, Hernan, Froy, Gino, Fotis, Didio, Tsourekas Vasilios, and so many others. On our side, we are and always will be here for all of you and be sure that we will always make: "The greatest innovations for the greatest vapers".

The only way to predict the future is to invent it. And be sure that we always predict the future.

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