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Martin Weimer

The legend has arrived

Jan Thiersch

Excellent work Imeo 😁

Silvia Langer

the Tilemahos V2 plus is such a great evaporator... that was my FIRST of GG 🥰🥰💨💨


Achim Nowotka

Hello friends 😀
Inspired by our friend Gerhard.
The test if the ggtx can handle more electricity too 🤔
He passed the test 0,2 ohms with the zenith rda no warming on the button and on the tube just perfect 

Filippo Mannino

Unbeatable !!!!
Happy Sunday everyone !!!

Dimitris Adamos

I still can't believe the awesome delivery time!!!😲These guys there really do magic...(as always..🙂). Thank you GG Store.👏


Axel Seventy-Two

Freshly wrapped. Thanks Imeo for this great Atomizer!

Colin Green

Good evening,
Just like to say thank you for accepting me into this group,
Although I do have the Tilemahos Armed 22 mm this is my first GG mod purchase.
I Always wanted the GGTS back in the day but unfortunately, I never purchased one so when the GGTX came along I just had to buy it.
I must say it’s a stunning device, impeccable workmanship, and beautiful in the hand.
Really, really happy with it.


Lance Grandis

What a score I found! New esterigon and on sale and on my side of the pond too!
When I first got interested in vaping about 9 years ago, I remember seeing a ggts (or similar) and it blew my mind. I realized an e-cig could be not just a vaping device, but a work of art and craftsmanship and so I of course wanted one very much. Well, it took a while, but today I finally got one...

Frank Muders

Anniversary ggts is a real eyecatcher and performs very well. Welcome to the collection.
And really happy with the iatty. Sound, taste everything is fine

Elias Dimitrakakis
Perseus RTA first build!
Congratulations imeo! Excellent job! 

Marty Weinberger
Perseus has landed and he rocks. 
Thank you Phi for making it happen and thank you Imeo for yet another star


Dimitris Chalatsis

GGTX: Perhaps the best manufactured and designed product of Imeo. Amazed ‼️‼️‼️

Kostas Boudouris-vougiouklakis

Eυχαριστώ Σάκη........πράγματι είναι κόσμημα αδερφέ !
Τελικά δεν έχει αντίπαλο στο mtl είναι μια κατηγορία μόνος του Giannis Lagoudakis ευχαριστώ πολύ αδερφέ !!

John-Arve Viset

Good morning freaks.
Just had to use the wonderful light this morning.
Can`t put down the Iatty Reloaded. It has become the rta I use all day long.
Just can't put it down. It's so good.
This one also has the opportunity for DL and as you can see from the juice control holes, these feed the cotton like h... :)
I now run true MTL and have only one hole open on the juice control. This holds for the plenty.
Thanks to Imeo for creating such great gear for us.

Gerhard Grozurek

The taste is excellent, this is my new reference Atty to which all have to measure!
DL 0.3 Ohm, the button on the GGTX is fantastic!

Daniel Pfister

​It's a beauty - from a genius!

Dennis Albert

Simply amazing, so shiny and goldy. Love it

Ariel Rincón Falconi

I'm really, really impressed, I think is the best atomizer ever produced by GG.
In all aspects: extremely easy to setup (coil and cotton), very easy to switch between airflow pins, everything is PERFECT: juice flow control, airflow control ring, top cap/refilling, the drip tip to my style of vaping (MTL), aesthetics, machining quality, the grab screws (used a 28 AWG wire), the flavor is amazing, vapor production and density are great, no juice under the drip tip (pool of liquid), 0 wicking problems, included essential spares (an extra glass tank would have been desirable) what else can I say? It is a dream atomizer.
The only thing I would like to have is an airflow of 1.2mm (maybe I could reduce a little the diameter of the solid airflow pin?).
My setup is very simple: Kanthal A1 28AWG, 2.5mm, 1.0 Ohms.
Bravo Imeo Thanasis !!!

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