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We know how important for a company is to have a presence on social media. Social media have become the most influential and important virtual space where the platforms are not only used for social networking but are also a great way to connect with our people. We see that as an opportunity, not as more work.

The ability to create a real human connection between Golden Greek and Golden Greek customers is one of the key benefits of social media.  We call these Meaningful Relationship Moments. Social media are not just limited to introducing our products, They are also leading platforms for making strong relationships with our audience.

That's why we have a presence on most famous social media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, telegram and more. You can count on us that we will always be there for you, always on standby to help you with any issue regarding your GG MTL atomizers, DTL atomizers, RTA atomizers, RDA atomizers, RDTA atomizers, and RDTA - SQUONKS atomizers and mods. Because the after-sales service is more important than sales themselves for us. After-sales service adds value to our company and also adds value to our customers. After-sales service is our number one priority.

Golden Greek vaping company and Imeo really care about their customers and their vaping issues. If you check our daily activity on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, you may understand how helpful we are and how much we care about our audience, our customers, our friends.

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by Imeo

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Special thanks to Lee for his support all these years via his blog with users' pictures and news about GG mods and atomizers. To Ariel for keeping GG Wiki up to date and for his efforts concerning the GG constructions serials.

To Philgood for his continuous support, by reviewing the best way the GG products. To Nudelholz for his wonderful pictures. To Gerhard Grozurek for his consistent support.


To the rest of the exceptional reviewers around like Qorax Stan, George Batareykin, VarosVapor, Scott, Dirk Oberhaus, Mike Godwin, Klaus Jedelsky, Nikos Babasidis, and many other English and non-English reviewers. To Gekka for his fantastic idea about Cybrillion and his awesome animations. To our sellers that do their best to provide quality services.

To ECF for its support the past 9 years and of course all GG users that love and support GG Atomizers and Mods line like Runar, Frank, Ottelo, Hernan, Froy, Gino, Fotis, Didio, Tsourekas Vasilios, and so many others. On our side, we are and always will be here for all of you and be sure that we will always make: "The greatest innovations for the greatest vapers".

The only way to predict the future is to invent it. And be sure that we always predict the future.

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