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GG4S - perseus v2

about us, in our Clients' words...

Petros Tzikas

Golden Greek Perseus, with the new deck the atomizer with the most options and still easy to use and small! Love this atomizer!

It's an all-rounder and a genius!

Pier Francesco Fedrizzi

I always thought that another greek Rta had Imeo’s DNA. Now, I’m sure. Happy new TwentyTwenty!
Qorax Stan is a myth, directly from Olympus and Greece, just like GG. And he loves the product signed by the Eagle...

Stelianno D'angelo

thanks for getting Mr in this club ...I was amazed by engineering made for attys ....

Tarmizi Nasir


Mark Pinson

Besides selling my soul (not even sure that would do it), where might one obtain a GG Ithaka? Many thanks and a good day to you all.

Mario Noack

I need only one word to describe: PERFECT! thank you Imeo!

Christian Hitsch Kuster

Excellent !

Uwe Franke

Very HAPPY to be a GG friend by now with the Iatty reloaded....
It's smooth as GG always was and also lot of lots of parts => OMG
Anyway - awesome flavor - just loving it!!!

Martin Razek

Great ATTY is Iatty. Thank you Imeo

Cheol Bong

finally arrived, a year-end gift. Thank you Imeo Thanasis

Lassi Sidoro

Been so many years since I had my collection, I have to get this just as a reminder of all the good gear. Looks good as ever.

Giannis Kolasidis

Είναι απλά πανέμορφο Θανάση!!!


Theo Pritsoulis

That "thing" has the potential to send my old attys in the drawer

Adrian Schweri

Tremendous atty the iAtty, thank you Imeo!

Thanos Arazos

πραγματικά ειναι κουκλί!!!

Francesco Paone

Quality and beauty.

George Giannopoulos

Παίζει τα πάντα δεν μασάει ο βασιλιάς!!!
Και φοβερή ανάλυση και χτύπημα!! Για μένα ότι καλύτερο κυκλοφορεί τώρα σε ότι έχω δοκιμάσει τουλάχιστον!!

Dennis Albert
A good start into the new week to see Perseus on his new throne


Gerhard Grozurek
Perseus ... on the trail of Iatty, here the long version. I took out the air reducing ring in the top cap, it creates a slight bubbling (probably due to condensation water) in my setup (0.8 ohm, 18 watt, 2mm pin). Otherwise a top vaporizer ... congratulations Imeo.

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