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GG4S - perseus v2

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GG Ithaka RTA atomizer by Golden Greek atomizers and mods

Golden Greek Ithaka is the atomizer that you will truly love. GG Ithaka RTA atomizer has more than everything, functions that don't exist anywhere right now and an awesome appearance. Also it has the ability to be small or big, depending on your liquid needs. Ithaka will never let you down. Its simply Golden Greek!

Golden Greek Ithaka is a combination of GG Odysseus and GG Penelope but it's much more. Too many updates applied to it and the most of them were claimed by you. I made some more by the way.

GG Ithaka RTA atomizer features:

  • adjustable 510 center post

  • dual coil atomizer

  • ithaka gives you the ability to move the deck up and down. That way, deck comes close or away from your mouth. The result is warmer or colder vapor

  • ability to add sections, so it gives you the ability to refill much less often

  • ability to fit on GGTS in hybrid style. You can do that by removing its 510 base

  • ability for air control via a ring on its base

  • Ithaka carries a plastic PMMA tank, so it gives you the ability to check the level of your liquid

  • Two refilling ways: One by unscrewing the small top cap or by unscrewing the bigger cap that sits under the small top cap.

Also, Golden Greek Ithaka atomizer can accept the new deck that doesn't require NR-R-NR wire.

GG Ithaka will blow your mind!

It is a Golden Greek atomizers and mods construction, vape it, you deserve it!


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