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Golden Greek: Greece under attack

Greece is under attack from turkey. Their leader (if we can call a person like this a leader), sends the last years his fight aeroplanes to the Greek sky and his war ships on Greek seas. He lies to Asian people that Greek borders are open so that they try to come to our country in hundreds of thousandsand hhe shoots people when they find our borders closed and they try to go back. He lies worldwide on TV, on radio, on social media and everywhere possible that we shoot people on borders and today 10/03/2020 turkey police officers shoot a Greek police officer at the borders. And a lot of other things that you can't imagine on sea borders.

Us Greeks have never hurt anyone, have never started any war, have never tried to find oil in foreign countries' terrain, like erdogan does to Greek Cyprus. We just want to live as civilized people. But this person thinks we live in the 18th century and he tries to conquer other countries. He also continues threatening EU that if they don't pay him, he will send more people at the Greek-European borders, etc. That way he will hurt not only Greece but other EU countries as well and of course the turkish people. Greece is Greece and will stay like this. We defend our borders and EU borders since 2000 b.c. Spread this message around. The people worldwide is on our side but the more people know about this, the better. THANK YOU


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