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GG4S - perseus v2

about us, in our Clients' words...

Giannis Kolasidis

Την καλησπέρα μου ομαδάρα ....
Πρώτες εντυπώσεις από Perseus απίστευτες...
Γεύση μοναδική!! Προς το παρόν παίζω με καπνικό υγρό, θα δοκιμαστεί και σε γλυκά!!!
Το χτύπημα πολύ δυνατό κάτι που μου άρεσε αρκετά δεν το είχα βρει σε άλλες συσκευές που είχα δοκιμάσει....
Και τέλος η τζούρα. Πιο Σμουθάτη τζούρα δεν έχω ξανακάνει! Αυτό το τράβηγμα με εξέπληξε, λέω ώπα δεν μπορεί να συμβαίνει... Με λίγα λόγια ένα διαμάντι...

Billis Fotiou

θανάση το dark mamba είναι τρέλα φίλε !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!το λάτρεψα!!!!!!!!!!!!!!και το golden gene πολύ δυνατό !!!

Xavi Rubio

I am also new to the GG family and I am totally amazed at their products, their finishes, materials, and everything.
I have no words to describe the quality and work that shows when you have this in your hand! Now I can say that I feel very fortunate to have them !!!!! And not only that, but the treatment received by Hernan Sabai is 10 !!! Thanks Imeo Thanasis and Hernan Sabai for making it possible !!!
The NEW collector's item GGTX from Golden Greek and i love it !!!!!!

Ben Rogge

The Armed was my first MTL atty 2 years ago and it is until today my favorite one.
I have tried and compared it with many known European attys like FeV, Kayfun etc. and while it is not so restricted as the FeV can be, it has the roundest flavor and a nice throat hit.
Handling is easy, I can easily build it for my series mech tube which is very important to me, the design is excellent and the option for 30mm+ diameter is great and rare too. And the special things on the Armed are the brass parts! RTAs and brass are sadly so rare but beautiful as hell. RDAs in the higher quality level (Avid Lyfe, Kennedy, Comp Lyfe, etc) offer this material very often.
A friend of mine who vaped also DL with the Kennedy RDA and stuff like that got the 23mm version and vapes it every day. While she was sooo skeptical about MTL and RTAs in general she is so into this MTL thing since she first tried it.
To be honest spare parts are a bit rare from time to time. Some of the long time vapers say also that the older GG attys are way more intense in flavor. But they are rare as well. Like most of the GG stuff. 
Enjoy your Armed! It is simply great!
/fanboy over and out 

Λάμπρος Μπελαής

​Είναι κόσμημα πραγματικό και άκρως αποδοτικό!!
Imeo Thanasis σε ευχαριστούμε!!

Patrick Blindeman

Iatty Reloaded, Best atomizer ever: Great flavor and throat hit, excellent machining, genius construction, high precision, versatile, and easy to use!
Be fast people ... my mother always says life is like a box of GGTX. Once you vape it you never go back ...
Ready to get inspired, explore the world with GG...
And here we go ... great taste great vape justGG
Thanks Hernan for the super service and Imeo Thanasis also service and for making these pieces of art ... hip hip hurray ... what a taste and what a vape, I am in heaven

Till von Hoegen

To be honest, I like the new GG Attys, but I still love this one. My first GG, so silent and tasty. And so fucking beautiful. And, yes I mixed the GGTS a little bit

Dimitrios Chrysafis

Σήμερα παραλάβαμε το καινούριο μας κόσμημα. Ευχαριστούμε τον κύριο Ιμεο και την Fab Vape και πάμε για την πρώτη μας απολύμανση.

Liviu Prodaniuc

My favorite mod and atomizer always with me
I'm in love with this latty 

Petros Tzikas

It is the best atty for me! The smoothest vape and throat hit, best flavor, very nice design, and easy to use however all features! I only wish 1, 2 mm air pin! That would be great!

Umbra Misan

Nice isolators and quality like all golden greeks

Verdu Tumaka

There is no better rainy afternoon than riding this setup and enjoying these top products of Golden Greek. A real wonder the iatty reloaded. Thank you Hernan Sabai for making it possible and also to Imeo Thanasis for your piece of work.

Ønyx de Rivia

Hi, friends.
I’m Hernan's Sabai friend and I miss the preorder of Iatty but I’m really interested to have one unit. Somebody can help me please? I really want to have this atomizer but now it’s impossible. Maybe someone with two units can help me. Thanks a lot

Al Chelios

Brutal RTA top

Darius Maichrzyk

GG Iatty Reloaded 1 of 656 is two weeks with me
First of all I have to say that I already have several GG owners, e.g. Tilemahos or Amadeus.
The Iatty picked me up, had time to test the vaporizer over Christmas, and I am now on the road with twisted clapton wire at 0.50 ohms at 25 watts.
Since I'm not the MTL steamer anyway, I have the 3 mm pin and I am with it
Draw resistance very satisfied, already the possibility to replace the pin without the winding
I find it a masterpiece, processing top and the thing is simply beautiful.
Has become my everyday vaporizer and on the typhoon box the Iatty Reloaded GG looks like one cast
If I could have wished for something, it would be a different TOP cap where you can make your own.
Could take drip tips without the increase, but ... ... I don't want to whine.
For me, the vaporizer has become 2019/2020, Imeo a typical, simply uncomplicated
Functionally whether MTL or restrictive DL everything possible.
I can and will recommend the Iatty R.

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